Friday, November 19, 2010

Sweet Baby James

Hello all! Bryan and I have officially entered into the blogging world. We decided it was time because we now have something worthy to blog about...a sweet baby boy! We are head over heels in love with James Nolan Mangelson.
Labor went really well. I was just over a week overdue and was worried that I would have to be induced (something I did not want to happen). Luckily the little squirt came on Wednesday, October 6 at 10:30pm. I started having contractions on Tuesday night after Bry and I came home from a Court of Honor for the scouts in our ward. (Bryan is the Scoutmaster for our ward and does an awesome job). We went to the hospital around 10am the next morning. I absolutely loved my doctor and the nurses were great as well. I'm so grateful everything went smoothly and that we were blessed with a healthy baby. And when I say healthy I mean HEALTHY! He weighed 8lbs 14.5 oz and was 22 1/2 inches long. That's probably why it took 2 1/2 hours of pushing to get him out. :)

Here he is with his oh so proud mommy, not even a week old yet. Don't you just love those sweet baby cheeks?
It didn't take long for Dad to dress him up in his BYU gear. In fact he wore the hat leaving the hospital.

We had lots of help from grandparents, neighbors and many many friends.
Grammy Tammy came just a few days after he was born. It was so great having her here to help out. Thanks Mom! You're the best.

Nolan and Marian came two weeks after James was born. It was so nice having them here and being able to visit with them. Thank you for coming to see us.

James is now six weeks old and growing fast. We've taken lots of pictures in the last six weeks. Here are some of my favorites:

4 weeks old and wearing a ghost outfit my brother Eric wore when he was a new born.
Some say he looks like Bryan, some say he looks like me. Many say he's a good mixture of both us. What do you think?

At his one month appointment he weight 10lbs 10oz.
I just love that sweet little face.

Now, six weeks old. He's sleeping pretty well, eating like a champ and continues to be healthy. We couldn't ask for a more perfect little boy.